What are the classifications of Jiangmen PCB according to the characteristics of the board

2020-04-28 1858

  Classification by sheet properties

  According to the characteristics of the board, the board can be divided into two types: rigidity and softness.

  Rigidity PCB

  The rigidity PCB has certain impact toughness, and the components decorated with it have leveling condition. In general, PCB is used in electronic equipment.

  Soft PCB

  Soft printed circuit board shall be made of soft mylonite plastic or other soft plastic insulation materials. The component made by the utility model can be bent and elastic, and can be bent according to the installation rules when in use. Soft printed circuit board is generally used in common places, such as the display of some digital multimeter can rotate, and the soft printed circuit board is usually used inside; the display and function key on the mobile phone, etc.

  The following figure shows the soft printed circuit board on the mobile phone. Its board is polyimide, and the surface layer is derusted. The minimum line spacing of the figure is set to 0.1mm. The protruding characteristic of soft printed circuit board is that it can bend, roll and stretch, connect the rigid printed circuit board and the theme movable component, then it can walk in three-dimensional way, adhere to three-dimensional space interconnection, its weight is light, very light, assembly line is convenient, and it is suitable for the electronic equipment with small indoor space and high assembly density.

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