What are the types of Jiangmen PCB

2020-04-28 1590

  Unique PCB types

  At present, there are also some unique printed circuit boards, such as metal core printed circuit boards, surface mounted printed circuit boards, carbon film printed circuit boards and so on.

  Metal core printed circuit board

  The printed circuit board with metal material core is to replace the epoxy resin laminated glass cloth board with a thin and very thick metal sheet. After a unique solution, the power supply circuits of the double-sided electric conductors of the golden board are connected with each other, and the insulating layer with a part of the height width ratio of the metal material is used. The advantage of metal material core printed circuit board is that the heat pipe has good heat dissipation and specification reliability, because aluminum, iron and other magnetic materials have shielding effect, which can avoid mutual dry torsion.

  Surface mounted printed circuit board

  Surface mounted printed circuit board is a kind of printing plate which can meet the requirements of "light, thin, short and small" of electronic equipment, and is developed and designed in accordance with the installation and processing technology of surface mount components with relative density of pins and low cost. The printed circuit board has the characteristics of small diameter, small graphic boundary and spacing, high precision, and the base steel plate specifies the characteristics of colleges and universities.

  Carbon film printed circuit board

  The carbon film printed circuit board is a printed circuit board with a layer of carbon film to produce contact points or jumper wires (the resistance value meets the requirements) after the copper plate is made into an electrical conductor pattern. Its characteristics are simple production process, low cost, short cycle time, excellent wear resistance and conductivity, which can make single-sided aluminum substrate keep densification, commercial practicality, light weight, suitable for TV, telephone, hard disk video recorder, electronic piano and other commodities.

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