Fartai electronics is a highly automated injection molding enterprise, focusing on a processing plant for you to bring a full range of services. We utilize the most advanced technology and equipment, including computer-aided engineering, double coloured plastic injection machine, turntable multi-color injection machine, vertical plastic injection machine, hollow pressure control and robot automation and innovative mold ideas. These capabilities allow us to complete the injection molding of any product, from simple, high-volume components to components with the highest technical content, which sets Fartai apart from many traditional injection molding companies that only use injection molding. As component design becomes more complex, having a skilled technical partner can set you apart and give you a competitive advantage.

  • Design with the aid of processing expertise

  • Process highly automated

  • Repeatability and controllable

  • Low cost of materials

  • The residue can be recycled and reused

  • Various materials and performance selection

  • Longer service

  • Minimal surface treatment

 Injection molding - injection molding process