Analysis of the difference between dry film and wet film on Jiangmen PCB

2020-04-28 1980

     There are two ways for multilayer circuit board manufacturers to manufacture circuits. One is to use dry film and the other is to use wet film. What is the difference between the two after all? Please listen to Jiangxi Wan'an Yuwei multilayer circuit board manufacturer's editor for your detailed way.

  The dry film and wet film in the multilayer circuit board manufacturers refer to the raw materials used to make the circuit. The dry film is a kind of polymer compound, which can produce and polymerize to form a stable substance attached to the circuit board surface through the ultraviolet light, so as to achieve the function of blocking electroplating and etching. Wet film (wetfilm) is a kind of photosensitive ink, which is sensitive to purple line and can be cured by UV.

  1. The functions of dry film and wet film are basically similar, but if the surface is not flat or does not need to establish a thick height or a very thin film thickness, the manufacturers of multilayer circuit boards can consider using wet film. If there are holes in the circuit board, then dry film will be more appropriate. And if the environment is not easy to keep clean, dry film is also relatively simple to operate. Although wet film materials are cheaper, they are not widely available. In addition to the general considerations in application, it should also be considered in accordance with the operating environment requirements of the circuit board manufacturer.

  2. Dry film is easy to operate, but the unit price is slightly higher than wet film. But because it is simple to keep clean and does not need to be baked, it has better workability, so it is more advantageous to use. However, the thin film thickness, especially the thickness below 15 μ m, is not easy to achieve. In addition, the better filling ability of wet film is its advantage, but because there is no protective film, it needs higher exposure energy, and different concepts have different views on the merits and demerits, which must be compared carefully by the users themselves, in order to get a conclusion that is more suitable for them.

  3. At present, the so-called wet film is almost used in the welding paint. As for the use of the inner circuit board, the share of the wet film is getting higher and higher, because of the low cost and the gradual improvement of the technical maturity. But both are in the manufacturing of inner circuit board.

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