How to make Jiangmen printed circuit board

2020-04-28 578

     How is PCB made? PCB can't be separated from the electronic equipment we can see. From electronic watches, calculators, general computers, to computers, communication electronic equipment, military weapon systems, only integrated circuits and other electronic devices are needed. PCB is used for the electrical and pneumatic interconnection between them. Manufacturing process of PCB general single side, double side printed circuit board and general multilayer board.

  Through hole metallization process for manufacturing multi-layer board → double side cutting of inner layer copper clad board → washing → drilling positioning hole → sticking photoresist dry film or coating photoresist → exposure → development → etching and film removal → inner layer coarsening and deoxidizing → inner layer inspection → lamination → CNC drilling Hole → hole inspection → hole pretreatment and chemical copper plating → thin copper plating on the whole board → coating inspection → light-resistant plating dry film or coating light-resistant plating agent → exposure of surface layer and bottom plate → development and repair → circuit pattern electroplating → electroplating of tin lead alloy or nickel / gold plating → film removal and etching → inspection → screen printing resistance welding pattern or photo resistance welding pattern → printing character pattern → (hot air leveling or organic welding protection) Film) → CNC washing shape → cleaning, boring → electrical on-off detection → finished product inspection → packaging factory.

  Double sided rigid printed boards: → double sided copper clad boards → blanking → laminating → CNC drilling through holes → inspection, deburring and flushing → chemical plating (through hole metallization) → (plating thin copper on the whole board) → inspection and flushing → screen printing negative circuit graphics, curing (dry film or wet film, exposure, display) → inspection and repair → circuit graphics electroplating → tin plating (anti-corrosion nickel / gold) → printing materials (photosensitive film) → etching Copper → (tin return) → cleaning and washing → common heat curing green oil for screen printing and resistance welding graphics (paste photosensitive dry film or wet film, exposure, development, heat curing, common photosensitive heat curing green oil) → cleaning, drying → screen printing symbol character graphics, curing → (tin spray or organic solder film) → shape processing → cleaning, drying → electrical on-off detection → inspection and packaging → delivery of finished products.

  Single sided rigid printed board: → single-sided copper clad board → blanking → (washing, boring) → drilling or punching → screen printing line anti-corrosion graphics or using dry film → curing check and repair board → etching copper → removing anti-corrosion printing material, boring → washing, boring → screen printing resistance welding graphics (commonly used green oil), UV curing → screen printing character symbol graphics, UV curing → preheating, punching and shape → electrical opening, short circuit measurement Test → rinse and dry → precoat welding aid anti oxidant (dry) or spray tin hot air leveling → check the packaging → the finished product leaves the factory.

  With the development trend of high density of PCB, the requirement of PCB production is higher and higher. More and more new technologies are applied to PCB production. There are many things in the production of circuit board that have not been clarified due to space limitations, such as blind hole, flexible board, Teflon board, photolithography technology and so on.

  Jiangmen printed circuit board

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